Marketing Yourself

Marketing yourself is vital when searching for a job. Daily, you are marketing yourself with your boss, clients or potential clients. Since the world has become very competitive, it is important to market yourself to stand out from the crowd. A great resume can catch an employer’s attention, the only thing missing is the way you will sell yourself to them to get the job.

Elevator Pitch: Wondering what an elevator pitch is? Well, it is a summary about yourself. An elevator speech should be straight to the point but it also must include some interesting facts about you and your skills. What makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd?

Networking: Networking is very important. The easiest way to begin networking is by building relationships with people that you know. These include your family, friends, professors, and colleagues. Networking is essential for a job search, and for great connections. If you network you have more chances of advancing in your career.

Know your Audience: When looking for a job you should research about the company. Look at what they are looking for in an employee. Look at the employers LinkedIn. Be prepared if you are given the opportunity to be interviewed.