What do employees dislike the most about their employers?

Working can be tough at times. A lot of employees can relate to these factors pertaining to their employers.

Little Communication: Poor communication is a big problem in the workplace. Employees hate when their employers don’t give feedback on what they are doing. Communication is key and employees get annoyed when their employers communicate through e-mail all the time.

Under appreciation: If an employee feels that they are not appreciated at work, most likely their work effort won’t be the same. They probably feel frustrated, drained and annoyed at their job. Their thoughts are probably, “I hate my Job”, “Can it be time to leave already”.  Under appreciation can lead an employee to hate their job and most likely the results of this can cause a company to pay the consequences.

Overworked: Usually employees number one complaint is getting overworked at their job. This can lead to many factors. Overworking employees can lead to high employee turnover. When an employee feels overworked they tend to quit their job because they are unhappy. This can also lead to employees calling in sick because they need a day to rest. This also means they get limited personal life because of the amount of workload they must finish.

Not giving clear directions: One of the main things an employee probably hates, is not getting clear directions from their boss. Having your boss say one thing today and a totally different thing the next day, can be annoying. Employees like it when their boss is clear and concise in what it is that they want.

Taking credit on what you came up with: What gets employees upset and infuriated is when they find out that their boss has taken credit for something that they worked on for so long to come up with. This makes employees feel underappreciated. You want to be compensated for the things you do well!

Not getting payed enough: Many employees have a lot on their plates. Most jobs are very stressful, time consuming and require you to work extra hours. The sad part is that employees aren’t getting the compensation they deserve. Many employees are underpaid for the work they must to do.