The Impact of Feminism in the Workforce


We are within a transformational age where women are standing up for their rights, freedom and equality. They are making noise to grab the attention and shine light on aspects of inequality that were prominent throughout history.

Their mission to be heard has made a difference in the workplace. Whether their perspectives are being recognized is yet to be determined. However, they are striving to make changes.

Glass Ceiling

Feminists are breaking through glass ceilings to prove that there is no “man’s job”. They are pursuing CEO levels, management positions and leadership roles. They are determined to be seen for the power of the mind and ability to take on challenges within their career. Women are happy to step into positions which were not granted to their gender just a few years ago.

Equal Pay

Women are becoming a part of the feminist movement to stand against the inequality of payment for their work. Many women realize that they are making less than their male co-workers, even though they are performing the same duties at work. This unequal occurrence is being challenged by feminists in various industries all over the world. They fight for equal pay for equivalent efforts being performed in similar work conditions.


Feminists are pushing against discrimination within the workplace. They are refusing to play the victim of circumstances. In the effort of demanding equal pay, they also push for equality in being hired, promoted, bonuses and chances of getting ahead within the company. Feminists don’t want to be barred and limited in how far they could take their career.