3 Ways to Engage your Followers on Social Media

As a business owner, it’s always beneficial to build a relationship with your customers. Lucky for us, we are capable of taking customer relations into a digital realm via. social media.

We are now able to bond with our client/customer base with social media and create potential loyal customers. With this in mind, here are a few ways to respond to your customer comments.

Have a Conversation: If a user/customer/client makes a comment on a social media platform, feel free to engage in a discussion with them. The more you know about your user/customer/client, the better it is to improve your product or service. You could find out the likes and dislikes of this customer and inquire about their personal experiences with your product or service. New and interesting inputs could be discovered this way.

Images: Use images to demonstrate your product. There’s nothing like a good picture to draw the attention of your followers. Be sure to include a snippet of information in regards to the picture so that those viewing the image may understand clearly what’s going on and its purpose to your product or service.

Emoji’s: Most of the time, you may use emoji’s to reflect your inner emotions. It makes your responses fun, entertaining and simple for the reader to understand how you feel. With emoji’s you’re able to be ironic, sarcastic, or humorous about your thoughts. By using an emoji in your response to customer comments, you are showing a playful and fun side of the company.