Word-of-Mouth vs. Social Media- Is there a Blurred Line?

We are the current-day news reporters with every click of the mouse and tap on a keyboard. We distribute news to our friends and relatives about everything. Notifications could range from the weather to the foods we favor. It’s all being reported in real-time thanks to social media and our smartphones.

But, where is the line drawn between the ideologies expressed through word-of-mouth and social media? Is it the same or is there a vast difference that sets them apart from one another?

There is now a blur of two worlds: one is our present-day reality and the other would be our connection to the digital realm. The most trusted and effective sway on marketing is word-of-mouth, this has been a tradition dating back many years ago. Meanwhile, the 21-century introduced social media, which acts similarly to word-of-mouth but information is being presented differently.

The intrusion of social media is increasing the likelihood of our opinions and ideas being noticed by the many followers across social media pages. This is where a blurred line is created between old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing and technological-based marketing.

Between the words being fed into social media, how much of a persons’ opinion is the truth? Many businesses are relying on social media to help market their products. In fact, a majority of online sales are made through social media pages.

At the same time, many brands are still profiting off of word-of-mouth because of the trust and credibility behind it.

Always keep into consideration that whatever method is profitable for one brand may not be as successful for another.

As with everything associated with business, knowing how to fit your company into various marketing situations is key to survive the always-evolving world of marketing opportunities. At times you may have to blend the old and the new together to reach your ideal end-goal. Whatever you choose to do, just remember to always weigh your odds.

Maybe word-of-mouth is your key to success or perhaps it’s keeping up with the digital world. Always analyze your brand and what it represents before committing to one or the other.