Prior to a Job Interview: To Do List

Study the job inside and out. You should know the job description for the position you’re applying to like the back of your hand. Study it closely to get a better sense of the skills the hiring manager is seeking. Think about the skills you’ve picked up over the last four years that will translate into the value you can bring to the workplace.

Print extra copies of your resume. Most jobs will tell you to bring in a copy of your resume or they will have a copy themselves from your submitted application. If asked or not you should bring a copy of your resume just in case. This shows how responsible and prepared you are!

Prepare questions for the hiring manager. No need to have the interview feeling like a one-sided interrogation. Try rehearsing short elevator speeches that can be used if the hiring manager asks you to tell him or her about yourself. Make sure those short speeches show off your skills that can be a positive and successful add-on to the company. Ask for more detail about your potential role, the company and the interviewer’s experience at the organization. The more insightful and thoughtful the questions, the more interested you will appear in the company.

Use positive body language. First thing first, make sure your posture is keen. In an interview room, good posture matters, and the way in which you deliver your responses to questions is nearly as important as the answers themselves. Having good posture whether you are seated or standing show interest and enthusiasm for the company and the position.

Get a good night worth of sleep. Whether or not your interview is scheduled for the morning, be sure to have all your materials set the night prior and head to bed early. Don’t cram any last-minute interview preparation in just before bedtime. Relax before going to bed to ensure you get a restful night’s slumber.