Social Media Etiquette

Don’t let comments or tweets slip through the cracks. Thank your fans for their input, “like” or “favorite” their comments. Keep your page and followers active, don’t be afraid to engage in questions, no matter how tough or critical.

Give credit where credit is due. If you see a great image, comment, quote or blog post that you’d like to share be kind to mention them. On Facebook use the “Share” button, on Twitter use the “Retweet” function or on Instagram you can tag them by username on the posted.

Adding an appropriate hashtag (or two) connects your post to all other posts on that topic and with that hashtag. It’s a convenient way to categorize and subsequently search tweets and Facebook posts. That said, don’t turn every word in your post into a hashtag. That’s abuse. However, the hashtag rules are slightly different on Instagram.

ARE YOU MAD AT ME? WHY ARE YOU YELLING? WHAT’S GOING ON? OMG! Please, I’m begging you to stop with the all caps! Not only are they visually abrupt, but they also communicate that you’re upset about something.