A Successful Intern

Determine what sort of help you need and what will benefit you both. Invest time and your resources into your interns and give them meaningful work. Think through some valuable projects your intern can complete—even if it’s just a piece of a larger project. Try to assign her tasks that relate to their career goals, strengths, or ask what she’s interested in learning more about and give her something in that vein. Be a mentor to them because they will look up to you given their interest to work under your management. Always have an intern shadowing you as a CEO/entrepreneur as it will keep you on your toes.

Provide detailed instructions. The more specific you can be with the assignments you give, the better the result will be. You wouldn’t want the possibility of your intern could go down the wrong path and spend hours pursuing an angle that you don’t find fruitful.

Set regular check-ins and provide feedback. The biggest challenge when managing an intern is ensuring that you make time to review their work regularly and provide feedback to them. Set regular check-ins — at least weekly, but sometimes even more frequent, depending on the tasks and how much time they’re putting in. In the beginning, that will undoubtedly create more work for you, so you have to budget the time in order to reap the benefits later.