Turning Unhappy Customers Happy

You can’t please everyone, but when it comes to your customers and the future of business you better try your very best!

First thing first when a customer comes to you with a problem listen to your customer. Many times, customers are unhappy because no one listens to their complaints. When they aren’t being listened to some information can be lost in translation and the miscommunication can make a little issue bigger than it needs to be.Make efforts to resolve disputes by picking up the phone and calling them personally if the face to face time has passed. Sorry is a powerful word because you’re acknowledging the customer’s frustration.Take full responsibility for mistakes and find a solution to please the customer. Call and if need be to apologize and asked them how they would like to proceed after you both spoke about the solutions to the problem.

Respond quickly because speed is essential than the solution. Without speed, you won’t have the opportunity to find a solution. Don’t hesitate so won’t be taken advantage of by the customer because many customers can be aggressive for no reason. Remind them you’re only human and are trying everything possible to make them happy. Stay transparent and communicate what you and your team are doing to fix the problem. Immediately makes them feel like they have someone on their side and you’re working on getting their problem taken care of.

Be a company that CARES. Communication: Clearly communicate the process up front and set proper expectations. Accountability: Take responsibility for resolving the situation. Responsiveness: Take initiative; don’t make the customer wait for your communication or a solution. Empathy: Acknowledge the impact that the situation has on the customer. Solution: Ensure the question is properly answered and the issue is resolved.