The Truth about Multitasking

If you have a job, own a business, or even run your household then you know for a fact that multitasking is often the bane of your existence. It’s a mutual feeling felt by all. By the time all tasks are complete, you stand there feeling like a tornado came by and shook all the time away from your day, but does it always have to feel like this?

Most often, the problem lies with a simple question: why? This simple question will lead you to ask: why so many tasks? Why do I feel like it’s a never-ending circle of madness? Why can’t I be organized?

The truth is, multitasking is an art unto itself. We multitask all the time. You could talk on the phone while you walk around the grocery store and read off a grocery list. You could talk to your kids in the car while following directions on a GPS. We often think that our minds are one-tracked when really it’s not so.

We have the capability of handling several stressors at once without becoming overwhelmed. So then, where and why do we draw the line the way we do when it comes to working? It’s all hidden behind the fallacy that we have to remain resolute in our methods of work to the point where we lose track of why we are doing what we do.

If you find yourself stuck on that perpetual wheel of taking on task after task, then it’s time to stop and reassess. Create a plan to help you. Write out a list of everything you have to do and treat it like a game. If you must, award yourself with every completed task that gets crossed off on that list. Learn to revel in your small successes instead of just ignoring your accomplishments and diving head first into the next task. The secret of multitasking is taking the time to reflect on what you have accomplished.