Holiday Events at Work


We all love a good holiday season. There’s nothing better than having a few days off where you get to spend time with family and friends. However, let’s face it, you may be stuck in the office right up until you get the holiday time off. Have no fear, holiday cheer could be found anywhere!

Here are some great ideas to initiate within your office or workplace:

Santa Hat Competitions

Have everyone decorate a Santa hat and wear it around the office. It’s a quick way to get a quick chuckle into your workday. It’s also a way to see how creative your team can be.

Cookie Competition

Challenge everyone to bake cookies and bring them in for a cookie tasting competition. The winner could receive an incentive such as a gift certificate or lunch on the office. Of course, they also get bragging rights.

Cubicle/ Work Area Decorating

Challenge everyone within the office building to deck out their workspace. They could hand stockings, bring in a desktop Menorah or garland everything from ceiling to floor. Award a prize to the best-dressed area.

Ugly Sweater Day

Choose one day where everyone has to wear an ugly sweater. It’s a great opportunity to get into the holiday spirit with coworkers. Many selfies and group pictures will be taken on this day, so be prepared to provide a few props to add to the fun.

Secret Santa

Everyone loves a good gift, therefore, try to gather employees to participate in secret Santa. Throw the participants names into a Christmas hat (or any container you choose) and have everyone select a name. Give a budget limit and request that everyone meet back at a specified time to exchange gifts.