Stop Losing followers on Social Media

Three habits to avoid on your social media platforms if you want to keep your followers.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Community. A few posts a day is solid but don’t bombard your followers with posts. We understand you’re excited to share the photos you took today at the company’s offsite that your followers’ Facebook News Feeds are now flooded with nothing but pictures of you and colleagues.  From the batch of pictures, you took to pick a no more than five favorites to share your experience with your followers.

Don’t Get (Too!) Salesy. Nothing wrong with self-promotion or promoting your product. There comes a time when it can be just too many followers to see the same post repeatedly. It’s natural to want to leverage your social media accounts to promote your latest initiatives, but if you creep out your community to the extent that they’re un-following you, it’s time to switch tactics. Sale your product but also make time to engage with your followers.

Don’t Ignore your Followers. When your audience is kept engaged they will most likely come back for more. When you give them stuff they love, they’ll be more inclined to stick around for the product posts, and all that engagement will organically raise your company’s profile. Great content is important, but it’s just as important to be open, approachable, and present with your community across all of your platforms. By answering the questions, they ask and including yourself in the conversations they’re having, you’re building brand trust. And followers!