Using LinkedIn as a Freelancer

You must put in the work since it isn’t always so easy to find freelance work on social media. These alliances, these partnerships, are a great way to network, to generate more business.  Here’s an effective way to use LinkedIn to find freelance work.   

Treat LinkedIn like a search engine. LinkedIn’s search engine can be compared to as if you were searching something on Google.  You can Optimize your LinkedIn profile, so it is easier for employers to find you. Then, once they find your profile, you can have samples of your work in there—YouTube videos, PowerPoint presentations, even documents you put on Dropbox or Box. 

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s Advanced Search function. LinkedIn’s Advanced Search lets you search by many different criteria you find in people’s profiles. You can search by job title, company size, geographical location… and many more. Plus, you can set these up as automated searches once you know who your ideal referral partner is. LinkedIn runs these automated searches continuously, every week, and delivers leads to your inbox of potential people you should connect with.