Action speaks louder than a title: A Leader

Be a person of character. 

You don’t want to be known as that leader—the one who’s dishonest, sneaky, underhanded and unethical. Your team certainly doesn’t want to follow a leader they can’t trust. Respect takes a long time to earn and a second to lose. Make an effort to be your best self for your self and to others. 

Help your team grow.  

While you’re improving yourself make the time to educate others around you. As a leader, you have many who look up to you and most are eager to learn from you as well. Provide training and opportunities for them to work to their full potential. Encourage and sponsor continuing education. Give a team member an increased level of responsibility. Don’t put up with mediocrity. Challenge them to up their game. 

Value every relationship. 

You never know where this relationship might take you in life for the better. The person you are communicating with might change your life or vice versa you change theirs. Keep in mind that there’s a person behind every job title, and that person represents a family. Whether you feel it or not know that you are impacting someone each and every day with the things you do and say.  

Think about your team’s needs before your own and share the credit. 

Take care of your team and treat them like you would be treated. Thinking about your team’s needs could be as simple as saying thank you or as serious as making a trip to the hospital after hours. Your team worked right alongside you to accomplish many goals.. Let leadership know who helped you. Make your team look good. Give them the spotlight and let them shine.