3 things successful people do on weekends.

Having trouble figuring out what to do with your Saturdays and Sundays as an entrepreneur? Here are three things you can do to make sure you’re not wasting them.  

Wake up early. Savvy entrepreneurs know that the most productive hours of the day are usually in the morning. Make the effort to wake up early and get your body moving for the day ahead. Not many people have the time to fit in a good workout Monday through Friday, the weekend is the perfect time for some much-needed cardio.  

Socialize and network at community events. Human beings need social interaction to lead healthy, productive lifestyles, which is something entrepreneurs recognize. On the precious days when these successful people aren’t working, they take the time to interact with friends and family—or take the opportunity to meet someone new.  

Pursue a passion. Exercising creativity is one of the biggest secrets to maintaining a productive and successful lifestyle. The most efficacious of people will set aside some time for creative pursuits, like writing a novel or biography, enrolling in art classes or tinkering on old cars. Whatever the project is, it usually doesn’t involve work. It’s just a healthy hobby that feeds the passion and creativity entrepreneurs use throughout their workweek to reach the top.