Work Smarter Not Harder

Tips for Better Time Managment

Let’s be honest it’s really easy to get distracted from a task. We are constantly being bombarded by our cell phones and other distractions. Our sense of time becomes distorted because of the constant stimuli. As a consequence, we often confuse keeping busy with productivity. A better way to understand the act of being productive is not constantly completing small tasks, but instead simplifying work and reducing stress.

Time Managment can be a daunting task for someone who is a habitual procrastinator, but with firm commitment, procrastination can be turned into productivity. Here are some tips to help you stay on track.

Know Which Task Needs Attention First

  • It is important to organize the two or three most important tasks that must be completed today. Doing this will help you prioritize your work so that things are completed in a timely manner.

Learn to Say No

  • Taking on work can be rewarding, however taking on too many tasks will overload you. It’s important to filter the commitments in your life and only do what you truly care about.


  • We’ve put off sleep to get extra work done. It may seem like a good option in the moment but working while sleep deprived is not only bad for your health but it doesn’t always yield success because your work suffers and you are slower the next day.

Eliminate Distractions

  • Distractions are the vehicle for procrastination, it is important to find out what puts your mind a state of productivity. I could be background sounds, putting yourself in a quiet room or going out in a public place.

Schedule the right amount time for TV, Gaming, and the Internet

  • It often feels like time flows differently when we are on our electronic devices. This is both a blessing and a curse because, using electronic devices can help reset the mind, but if you don’t keep your self in check it is really easy to lose track of time.

Set a timer

  • Setting a timer is a good way to pace yourself throughout the day it keeps you on track and is a good incentive to get a task done. Don’t forget to leave a buffer if you have to take time for a task, or if you need time for a transition.

If you faithfully practice time management you’ll find yourself more focused, more fufilled and overall more balanced in your day to day life.