Can Creativity be Taught?


“To me, creativity is the ability to connect two or more disparate ideas to create new meaning. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

-Chris Do Ceo, and Cheif Stratagest at Blind

A modern misconception is that Creativity is only something that artists do, that it is something that is innate and is something that you’re born with. A better way to understand creativity is to think of it as the ability to make connections between things that are logically disparate. These connections tend to happen through curiosity and observation.

Take for instance Netflix, in the early stages of their company they were highly criticized because of their new methods for providing a service. However in the end, what made Netflix so successful was their ability to be flexible with their business model, to create a new market for media consumption. You can read more about Nexflix’s story here

“The creative Adult is the child that survived”

-Ursula K. Le Guin

To answer the initial question, creativity can be taught. But more importantly, creativity is something that every person is born with. Somewhere along the way were taught the ‘rules’ memorizing, reciting and then we are tested. we learn to survive a world that doesn’t value independent thinking. The more we learn to think in this manner the less flexible our minds become.

This brings us to the teaching aspect of this question, in traditional education we are taught a logical thought process. To become truly creative one must unlearn this method of thinking and adopt a more dynamic method of thinking.