3 Business Predictions for 2018

Cloud computing will shift towards the IT trend: microservices

Cloud computing has been utilized as an information technology tool by businesses both large and small to stockpile, manage, and process data. Since the 1960s, moving to the cloud has aided business continuity and access to automatic updates. In 2018, the business world is expected to see a transformation from this overall storage unit to smaller components of operations. These distinct modules will help business professionals in terms of scale and proficiencies, while simultaneously decreasing the possibilities of risk.

More professionals will lean towards telecommuting

Over the past decade, not only has the workplace changed significantly, the workforce has transformed as well. Many professionals find their commute to work to be time-consuming, expensive, and stressful. In fact, many people choose to relocate or leave their current position in hopes to ease their commute. Telecommuting has been on the rise offering a multitude of benefits including employee satisfaction, retention, empowerment, and opportunities.

Anti-harassment training and policies will become more widespread

The year 2017 brought countless work-related harassment scandals into the public eye sparking movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp, which are aimed at increasing awareness of sexual assault, harassment, and inequality. News stations have repeatedly broadcasted horror stories of powerful individuals, in a variety of industries, that have stepped outside of both moral and legal boundaries. In 2018, businesses will re-evaluate their anti-harassment policies and schedule periodic training to provide employees the most protection and prevent further wrongdoing.