How Personalizing your Workspace can Spark Creativity

Your office space becomes a home away from home. Whether you commute to work or telecommute from an actual at-home office, it is no secret that a bland workspace and environment leads to monotonous, uninspiring thought patterns. If you want to create a setting in which employees are the most innovative and productive, a strong recommendation is to encourage personalization of employee areas to spark creative energy and ideas throughout the office. Here are some ways to spruce up your workspace.

Bring in Some Greenery

There are many plants the do well in indirect sunlight an even florescent light, fresh plants clean the air and create a fun break from the traditional landscape of an office space.

Hold Files With Decorative Bookends

Bookends are a fun way to express your self in the workspace and can help to organize the different content on your shelf.

Add a Fun Pens and Pencils

Adding some pizzazz to your writing utensils can help set the tone for your workspace it is where you will be spending the majority of your time and will show others how you like to work. having a sleek looking pen will make your desk look more expensive, whereas having fun colorful pens will make your working space more playful.

Add Some Fun Lighting

lighting can really influence the atmosphere of a workplace, take for instance orange theory fitness, they use the color orange to get their clients in the working out mindset. a green light is used to heal people down and yellow is used for wisdom. look around in your surroundings, you can see these colors being applied to evoke the desired responses from people.

Make Sure There is a Good Source of Light

Different from mood lighting having a good source of light gives you and your employees a good source of vitamin D with can improve overall mood.

Add An Accent Wall

An accent wall helps to break up a workspace, doing this stimulates differentiated thinking and creates a space for people to think outside of the box.

Bring in Furniture

having comfortable furniture is gives you and your employees a space to relax and rest from work so when they return they have a refreshed mind.

When employees are allowed to spice up their area with personal items, such as a picture of their family or a fake succulent plant to freshen their space, they naturally become more comfortable and less uptight. The more employee freedom and satisfaction, the more achievements one’s company will reach. Sparking creativity and production does not stop at desk or wall additions.


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