Never Forget Where You Started

“By not forgetting where you came from, you ensure you never go backward. You ensure you always remain grateful and humble so you can keep doing what you love”

-Tim Denning

Validate the Source of Your Success

No one has done it on their own, we have all had help, and you need to be grateful for the things you’ve been given in life. when you’re born you’re born with nothing. All of the success you have in your life comes from something or someone.

Pay it Forward

Once you reach some level of success, you must pay it forward. Seeing growth in others allows you to grow at the same time. Like the quote in the beginning of this blog, it is important to humble yourself. contributions do not always have to be monetary, it can come in the form of education or volunteer service. The main take away from this statement is that it is important to bring your knowledge and experience of the world to the people who are about to enter it.

Where You Come From Is Inspirational

Success seems complicated until we see where our idols began. Everyone has their own path on the rise to success. You may think where you come from is irrelevant but it is crucial. Your beginning has more golden nuggets than you could possibly ever imagine and it’s your duty to share them with your audience. It’s your duty to sow the seeds of success in others. Our beginnings are just as important as where we are now. It is the point of perspective for the rest of your career.