Things you need to know when you decide to start freelancing

So you want to do freelance, congratulations!  Freelance can be daunting, you control when you work, how you work, and where you work. Now that the hard part is over here are some tips to make sure you know what you’re getting into.


You need to be ready to hear no. Out of 100 no’s you only need to get one yes. determination will make you more prepared for when you actually begin freelancing. just remember when you work for yourself you never have a day off, you need to love everything you do.


This plays off the last statement, you need to eat, sleep, and bleed your profession when you’re in freelance. This inner drive will get you through the periods where you feel burnt out mentally. think about it like this, you can only feel satisfied with a paycheck for a finite amount of time.


Persistence will get you through the difficult projects, that started off fun but now for one reason or another you are dreading every encounter with your task/client. It will get you through the stagnant period where you are being turned down for projects you really want. It will remind you of why you started freelancing and it will keep your head in the right perspective to succeed.


It is imperative to stay open to learning new things, network to make meaningful connections with others. you need to collaborate with others who do what you do/want to do in order to learn. Like a tree extend your roots deep and wide and you will grow strong and tall.


Step outside of your comfort zone and embrace change. flexibility is a must for Freelancing. relinquishing your fear of things that make you uncomfortable will give you confidence and empower you to achieve your goals. To put it in perspective, if there are 10 people who don’t want your talents, there are 10 people who do. You need to be resilient and brush yourself off, then jump back into the game.


“Work never Matches the dream of perfection” 

-William Faulkner