Interactive Marketing Monday

Interactive marketing is now one of the biggest hits in the marketing realm!

What exactly is it?

If you’ve ever taken a quiz on Facebook to find out what Disney character you would be if you were animated or what type of restaurant chain you prefer, then you’ve experienced a form of interactive marketing; also known as event-driven or trigger-based marketing. Companies that utilize such processes are trying to gauge their customers to discover what products or services are favored or disliked. In other words, this type of interaction provides professionals the opportunities to pinpoint the areas of their businesses that can utilize growth.

Companies can analyze the information gathered to figure out how to improve their product or service or even introduce a new idea to the market. This method is personalized to meet the exact needs of an individual and can help your company stand out from your competitors. Your customers will feel like their personal opinions matter and are worth listening to. Interactive marketing is utilized in a variety of organizational and business settings including B2B, B2C, high and low transition businesses, and both pre and post-sale customer management.

The 5 processes involved in successful interactive marketing include:

  • Identifying triggers
  • Creating responses
  • Evaluating the success
  • Operationalizing (may lead to automation)
  • Optimizing

A major benefit of interactive marketing is that not only does it engage curious visitors, current customers, and potential clients, but it provides a sense of entertainment. It can further spark interest or even conversational pieces, which can lead to word-of-mouth marketing as well. A good tip for interactive marketing is that people like to laugh and to feel happiness. Therefore, provide a bit of both humor and joy in your tactics, because the main goal is to prompt return visits and repeat customers.