The Power of LinkedIn

The once dubbed Facebook of business professionals has come into its own. LinkedIn is a community where users share their stories through thought-provoking articles, text posts, and more recently, videos. The LinkedIn community validates what someone is going through, whether it be the uncertainty of being unemployed for a couple of months or lessons learned through one’s journey. Relationships are created every day through comments, direct messages, and content collaboration. LinkedIn is no longer just for those searching for a job or for creating an account to never look back at it, it’s for individuals who want to connect with people that come from all walks of life and in a wide range of industries.

Relationship Building

It has never been easier to reach out to an entrepreneur you really admire or get in contact with the HR director for a place you want to work for. And probably even more beneficial, hear what these people and other influentials are saying and doing. Great content creators on LinkedIn engage with the community so if you consistently follow their content and engage in conversations, chances are they will respond. It will then be up to you to decide if you want to make the effort to create a relationship from those interactions.

Personal Brand

Personal branding is presenting yourself in the way you want people to see you, and enhancing your personal brand on the LinkedIn platform could prove to have major payoffs. Engaging with LinkedIn connections can lead to job offers, collaborating on projects, informative interviews, and tons of other great opportunities.

The Future of LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s future looks bright. With half of its 500 million users using LinkedIn daily, this platform is one to keep an eye on and get involved with sooner than later.

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