Millennials Creating their Personal Brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerhouse. The platform’s user base includes C-level executives, students, and employees from a wide range of industries. But the group that has been leaving its mark on the platform are millennials — defined as the generation born between 1980 and mid-2000s. And millennials aren’t merely spending time on LinkedIn, they are investing time in the platform.They are creating content, generating conversations, and connecting offline, and thus cultivating their personal brand on LinkedIn.

Content Creation

Millennials are documenting their professional journey, detailing their college lessons, recording networking events, and ultimately standing out in the increasingly crowded digital space. LinkedIn’s recent push for videos on the platform is gaining traction with many users initiating daily videos and videos series.

Creating Conversations

Apart from their own content, millennials are asking questions and sharing their own thoughts on other users’ content. By adding to the conversation, millennials are collaborating with one another and.forming tight-knit relationships on the platform.

Connecting Offline

Users are also connecting offline, with many of these initiatives being initiated by some of the community’s youngest members. Meetups are happening worldwide through LinkedInLocals and other LinkedIn Meetups that have developed from the original LinkedInLocals.

LinkedIn is no longer just for those searching for a job or for creating an account to never look back at it. Millennials are a force to be reckoned with as they disrupt and transform the LinkedIn platform.