Influencer Marketing in a Nutshell

Brands (businesses) who are looking to grow their audience and improve sales should be looking into and investing in influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on using influencers to drive a brand’s message to a larger market. In other words, instead of directly marketing to a large group of consumers, companies partner with influencers to essentially using their platform (influence) to advertise companies’ product or service.

Who are Influencers

A common misconception about influencers is that they are individuals with millions of followers, and while that may be true for some, that’s not the case for all influencers. Influencers can be mom bloggers that have a few thousands of followers and for that reason, the number of followers ultimately does not determine whether or not someone can be an influencer. In fact, social media influencer has become a career that people, especially Gen Zers (teens,) aspire to.

How Does it Work

First, a brand finds an influencer to partner with, usually by browsing through Instagram or YouTube. The brand then sends the potential influencer a direct message to see if he or she would be interested in partnering with them. After negotiating the terms of the partnership, the brand pays the influencer.

Where is Influencer Marketing 

Instagram is the top platform for influencers, followed by YouTube and Facebook. However, other platforms should not be ignored. In order to have a successful campaign, brands need to select a target audience and know which platform(s) they are on. Once this is squared out, brands can then find influencers to work with. Strong influencers should have a strong presence on that specific platform (or platforms) and their followers should be the target audience the brand wants to reach.

Why Should Brands work with Influencers

Influencers help other people buy from you. They help brands meet their bottom line and through a series of campaigns, help brands reach a more targeted audience, which ultimately yields impactful results. Influencers are a tremendous way to build brand equity and get the message about your product/service out, especially if you’re trying to spread that message to a specific audience.

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