Common Courtesy in the Office

Treating others how you want to be treated is not just a nice saying for people to know, and the office proves to be no exception. In a company, it starts at the head. How the owner/CEO treats his or her employees sets the bar for employees to follow suit. So if you notice questionable behavior or if you yourself forgot some common courtesy, be sure to implement some of these workplace etiquette tips.

Say Hello

A simple “good morning, how was your weekend?” goes a long way. You are acknowledging the person and are taking the time to find out about their weekend.


Now, this is important; be genuine. Listen to what your co-workers tell you. If they are telling you about their weekend, ask questions, engage in their excitement. Don’t just stop them mid-story and definitely don’t use this time to talk about yourself. You asked them about their weekend, not yours. Listen.

Go the Extra Mile

It doesn’t take much to do something you aren’t necessarily responsible for. Pick up coffee cups laying around, make a fresh pot of coffee if you poured the last cup, wash the dishes you left in the sink, wipe crumbs from the counter and splatters inside the microwave.

Everyone spends the big chuck of their life at work, so put in the extra effort to make your co-workers’ life easier and be mindful of your behavior both inside and outside the office.