How to Keep Your Blog Relevant in 2018

With so many social media platforms these days many wonder if blogs are still relevant. Well, many marketing experts believe they certainly are. People read blogs that they can find and that provide them value. Companies need to have clear reasons why they are writing blog posts and not just having one just to have one. Also, blogs need to be SEO (search engine optimization) friendly.

Define your Audience

Who are you writing to? Knowing who you are trying to reach and why you are reaching them will help you know what kind of information will provide them value. In order to find out what’s relevant to your audience, it’s helpful to start reading the sites they read.

Share your Voice

Writing about content your audience has an interest in is only the first part. After solidifying the topic, bring the company’s voice into the mix .Obviously, if you are writing for an employer, you want to be mindful of your company’s blogging or social media policy, but you can still share your opinions in a passionate and constructive way because after all, readers want to read blogs that are written in a passionate voice.

Believe in your Blog

If you don’t think your blog is relevant, how will anyone else? Blogging just to blog gets you nowhere; instead, cover topics that interest your audience and become a thought leader with your own thoughts on the particular subject.

SEO-friendly Blog

What good is having a well-thought-out blog if no one can find it? Take the time to learn about SEO and if your company has the budget for it, create SEM campaigns for your blog. In the end though, even with all the “right” keywords and SEO strategies, content that your readers genuinely love and want to share with their own community is how to keep your blog relevant.