5 Apps Every College Grad Should Know

Life after graduation is weird. You’re no longer in the safe bubble you called home for 4 years and as a college grad, you are expected to fend for yourself. With the rise of social media, podcasts and an ever-growing global workforce, it’s important that college grads not only stay in the game but get ahead of it. A great way to do this is by investing time in apps that matter.

The 5 mobile applications listed in this post is by no means a comprehensive or an exclusive list for college grads, but instead, a nice list to start from and expand on.


By far the most important app college grads should know and be using is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a powerful platform that gives its users the ability to showcase their personal brand in a professional atmosphere through articles, text posts, and more recently, videos.


Audio is predicted to change the way everything is done now, from voice searches on Google (or Amazon’s Alexa–we’ll have to wait and see who dominates) to content creation. Podcasts offer the ability to both create and consume content. Podcasts are engaging enough without being so distracting that you have to stop whatever you’re doing to enjoy it–like you have to for video, for example. With audio’s flexible medium for content, now is the time to tune in.


Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the big social media players right now. Everyone has an account and so should you. Having working knowledge of this social media management platform will help you as you enter our ever-growing social media world.


Venmo is a nice app to have to split purchases and keep a close eye on your finances. “The eco-friendly, millennial-driven shift to sharing is emblematic of how younger generations view the world they live in”, Paypal CEO Dan Schulman said. Paypal owns the popular peer-to-peer payment service Venmo and millennials are 100% onboard.


Knowing a second (or third) language does more than provide a grad a professional competitive edge. Languages offer a sense of the past, both culturally and linguistically. Languages also enhance listening skills and one’s memory. Languages foster an understanding of the interrelation of language and human nature, which thus teaches and encourages respect for other peoples. Knowing multiple languages help expand one’s view of the world, liberalize one’s experiences, and makes one more flexible and tolerant.

Other apps worth a look include Mint, Evernote, CamScanner, and Marco Polo. But more important than knowing these specific apps is knowing that life after college is different. Know your stuff and always stay ahead of the game.