How Artificial Intelligence is Predicted to Transform the Workforce

Robots could be taking your job in the near future. Although this sounds scary and may even produce a defensive response from some, this is not a new concept. When the automotive industry was growing, horse-drawn carriages jobs disappeared. This led to job creation within the automobile industry and so on and so forth. However, artificial intelligence (AI) is different to the extent that AI technology aims to not just make an industry more efficient but to completely replace the human mind, making this technology different from past technological advancements.

Jobs AI will replace

Jobs heavily focus on manual tasks that are repetitive will be replaced. Manual tasks can easily be automated by machines and because machines don’t need to use the restroom, take breaks, eat lunch, and sleep, this technology offers companies more precision and accuracy. Unfortunately, cashiers, toll booth operators, drivers, and fast food workers may not be alone as skilled knowledge workers could also see AI technologies impact their jobs. For example, highly skilled, knowledge-based employees in legal and accounting industries could see their jobs decimated within the next decade. Yes, any job a machine can do more efficiently than a human worker is vulnerable.

Job Creation

Many of the most in-demand jobs today did not exist 10 years ago (think YouTubers,) and this will continue in the future. For now, thanks to the excitement of AI technologies, many AI-related jobs are in demand, including machine learning engineers and data scientists.

Prepare Yourself for the Future

The children of today will be working in roles that currently do not exist. As we continue innovating and making our lives more efficient, a different workforce will mold. In general, everyone should keep up to date with new technologies as they come and most importantly, NEVER stop learning. No one knows for certain what the future holds, but it helps to put yourself in a good position by acquiring new skills and staying informed with the world around.