Why Reviews Matter To Businesses

How do you decide which restaurant to go to for lunch? Or which museum to visit while in New York? Chances are you use Yelp. Yelp publishes customer reviews about local businesses, and it’s not alone. Google, Amazon, and Facebook are also popular places customers go to read and submit customer online reviews.

Consumers Read Online Reviews

Many consumers rely on online reviews before making their purchasing decisions. Consumers like to analyze their options and online reviews have helped narrow their choices, and thus help make their decision.

Positive Reviews Increase Trust

Businesses, especially local businesses, need to build positive online reviews for their businesses. The consumer trusts a hugely positive response and because of this trust, consumers are more likely to be adventurous. For instance, online reviews eliminate the suspense of whether or not a new restaurant will have good food or provide an overall good experience because you have the ability to read about what other people thought about the place you’re thinking of trying out. This same concept applies to products, i.e. Amazon reviews.

Online Reviews Influence Purchasing Decision

A positive online rating gives a company a good online and offline image. And with metadata that allows a reader the ability to search for reviews that talk about a particular food you want to try out or a particular interest such as kid-friendly places, you’re able to inform yourself of exactly what you want to know. For example, parents can filter reviews that mention “kids” or “toddler” in order to get a better feel of how a particular restaurant is with children.

Online Reviews Matter for Local SEO

Online reviews help businesses increase their organic SEO. So, when customers search up “nail salon,” “hotel,” “tourist attractions,” and “restaurants,” or your industry’s keyword, your company is more likely to be noticed by the consumer.

You use reviews to help make your purchasing decisions, so it only makes sense for you to do your part to help potential customers find and choose you when making THEIR purchasing decision.