Networking in the Digital Age

More and more relationships start online, and that includes platonic, business relationships. One site that has proven to be a powerhouse is LinkedIn, with its wide user base ranging from C-level executives to college students. And users aren’t merely spending time on LinkedIn, they are investing time in the platform. They are creating content, generating conversations, and connecting offline, and thus cultivating their personal brand. LinkedIn isn’t alone; Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are also notable sites where people are connecting both on and offline.

Online Conversations

Avid internet users are documenting both their personal and professional journeys, detailing their college lessons, their daily lives, recording networking events, and ultimately standing out from the increasingly crowded digital space. In addition to their own content, users are asking questions and sharing their thoughts on other users’ content. By adding to the conversation, everyone is collaborating with one another and forming tight-knit relationships on the different platforms.

From Online to Offline

Users are also connecting offline, with many of these initiatives being initiated by some of the community’s youngest members AKA millennials. On the LinkedIn platform, millennials initiated LinkedInLocals, where users from a certain city, i.e. Chicago meetup. Celebrities on the other hand, often use SnapChat and Instagram to announce a pop-up or meetup in a city they are currently in.

Networking in the Digital Age

Networking has taken on an entirely new meaning this day and age. It’s no longer just walking around a room and shaking other people’s hands. Networking can start from a simple LinkedIn message, an IG direct message, or even a comment under a YouTube video.