Build a Better Portfolio in 5 Steps

Recent grads feel the pressure to create a great portfolio. Even seasoned professionals spruce up their portfolio from time to time just ensure that their once great work, is still up to par. In the marketing and advertising industry, it’s better to show not tell. Whether you’re trying to attract new customers, give employers a feel for your skills, or enhance your personal brand, everyone one can do with a few tips to build a better professional portfolio.

1.Showcase your creative style

Showing off who you are in your portfolio is the goal, no small detail should go unnoticed. Be very deliberate with your choice of color and aesthetic. Hiring managers should leave your portfolio feeling as though they met you.

2. Only showcase work you’re proud of

The trouble most of us find ourselves in is, we have a lot of creative work but can’t decide which one to showcase. Not every piece of work is worth putting in your portfolio, choose only the pieces that represent your style and talent best.

3.Include a detailed caption

It is of the utmost importance to include a thorough explanation of your work. Sometimes elaborate projects could use a bit of a backstory. Usually, its advised that your work speaks for itself but every now and then a little context goes a long way.

4. Write a compelling bio

Your bio is your opportunity to directly tell your audience exactly what you want them to hear. If you’re funny, be funny, if you’re compassionate, be compassionate. Now more than ever you have the platform to tell people why they should hire you over anyone else.

5. Make it easy for people to contact you

The most important part of your portfolio is your contact information, your audience shouldn’t have to search for it. Display your email and or phone number prominently on your portfolio page. If a recruiter has to spend a second longer than they have to looking for your contact information, they may just move on to the next candidate.


From start to finish, creating a portfolio is an exhausting process that will take a lot of trial and error. Be sure to take these tips into consideration, anyone in the business will tell you, it’s the little things that can impress the right people and secure you a job.