Social Media Tips & Slips that can get you Hired and Fired

Social media, when used incorrectly, can be a weapon. It’s dangerous, there can be repercussions, and often, it brings collateral damage. On the flip side, social media can also help you secure a job. Whether it’s a witty comment or an 8-year-old picture, the content can either skyrocket you to the job of your dreams or send you packing. So, it’s easy to understand how social media can be bittersweet. Here are a few social media tips and warnings that can help land you a job as well as help you keep it.

Tip 1

You never know who is lurking on your social media, so keep that in mind and use it as a tool. Bring attention to yourself by using social media to draw out potential employers. Set yourself apart by being funny and unconventional. Companies all over the country are looking for brand representatives that are authentic– a person who genuinely appreciates their brand, so display your unprompted appreciation on social media.

Slip 1

This slip goes without saying, posting while intoxicated is ill-advised..and let’s be honest, inexcusable, *cough* Roseanne. A sure-fire way to get fired is posting something you’ll regret while under the influence. Whether you’re just sharing a slick comment about the company or going on a full-blown racist tirade, drunk posting is a no-no.

Tip 2

Generate a following. By breaching an untapped market you can gain popularity and get the attention of the masses. Employers find this extremely appealing, if they were to hire you, they get you plus your fan base. Tracy Clayton is a great example of someone who captured a demographic and put herself on a company’s radar. Clayton drew Twitter attention after she helped to launch the hashtag #BlackBuzzFeed, in which users imagined what BuzzFeed would be like if it catered to a black audience. Buzzfeed producers reached out to her and offered her a job. By being yourself and doing something different job seekers will come to you.

Slip 2

Leaking company secrets will get you a pink slip faster than you can say resign. Using social media as a platform to air sensitive information about a company can cause you to lose other opportunities, not to mention the company can pursue legal action. If you’re unhappy with a company or organization, it’s best to talk directly to a higher-up. Worst case scenario you can leave the company with no hard feelings as opposed to becoming a pariah in your career field.


Navigating the dos and don ts of social media can be a little difficult. The best advice, 9 times out of 10, is to go with your gut. Be aware of what you’re posting and the impression others may have of it. Be authentic and be considerate .. after all, you never know who’s watching.