Using the Three I’s: Immediate, Interactive and Immersive to Distribute Content

Time is a big factor that affects the way an audience consumes social media. Think about it, if you’re in a rush, the way you respond to social media is very different than if you were at home with time to spare; therefore when brands use social media, they have to keep that in mind in order for the content to be successful among consumers. It’s in the best interest for a company to master the art of the 3 I’s so they can tailor their content. For all of you who are unfamiliar with the 3 I’s, here’s a crash course.

Immediate 8-10am

For the consumer that is running to work and briefly looks at their phone, a blog post isn’t the type of content that would resonate with them. Immediate content is something that you can look at and understand without any real thought. Immediate content is knee-jerk, causing the audience to feel a strong wave of emotion, any emotion. Brands like McDonald’s have masted the art of immediate content. McDonald’s has a way of getting their message across within the first second of their pictures and videos. Immediate content can be thought-provoking. McDonald’s has reaffirmed that you can say a lot with a little.

Interactive 11-3pm

When a consumer has more time to grasp a more complex message, a company can create an interactive campaign. Asking your audience to participate is a great way to boost their familiarity with the brand. Prompting your audience to tweet at you or complete some sort of action is the sort of content that set brands apart from one another. Spotify has accomplished so much during the last few years, most notably their ad campaigns that subtly ask their consumers to participate.

Immersive 8-11pm

Immersive content is for the consumer that has come home from work; they’ve taken a bath, and are in their jammies. This consumer is in the mind space to really take in a complex message. Always feminine hygiene products is a wonderful example of immersive content. Their “like a girl” campaign is a 5 minutes video that requires some thought. The purpose of the campaign was to make people reflect on their words and actions; content like that could not be imparted while running to work.

The 3 I’s are an important part of marketing content. Taking time to consider consumer’s schedules will go a long way; immediate for a quick reaction, interactive for feedback, and immersive for persuasion.