3 Under Utilized Platforms and What They Can Do for Your Business

Most companies are finally utilizing the major social media platforms, the ones we all know by name and logo. Viable brands and companies are doing their due diligence to keep on trend and take part in social media platforms that have the most engagement; but in doing so, other not so big but equally important platforms are slipping through the cracks. Although some lesser known media platforms don’t have active users in the millions like Facebook, they may have a couple hundred thousand and those number are not to be overlooked. Here are 3 small but mighty social media platforms that should be on your company’s short list.


Pinterest is not just for soccer moms or the crafty teacher, the platform is fast growing and attracting people from all walks of life. The format of Pinterest works best for businesses with products that can be shown off through photos. These businesses can utilize Pinterest “boards” to creatively showcase their new products. Pinterest is a small business gold mine, from candles to stationary, furniture to make-up Pinterest is for people looking for specific items or inspiration.


When was the last time you checked your Tumblr? If it was some time in middle school, we suggest you check again. Although Tumblr is better known for being a site for young rebels with or without a cause, things have changed since Yahoo purchased Tumblr. In the last few years, Tumblr has broadened its’ horizons and tapped into its marketing potential. Brands that are ahead of the curve are making connections with their younger clientele by creating blogs geared to improve customer feedback and product testing.


It might be hard for Linkedin to shed its job finding roots but more businesses are taking advantage of its solid reputation to circulate content to clients. Linkedin can elevate your already booming business by utilizing blogs as a news distribution tool, establishing your identity and leveraging your influence, humanizing your brand, identifying targeted SEO  keywords, and even reaching a more targeted B2B audience. LinkedIn has a whopping 530 million users in more than 200 countries. LinkedIn’s expansive reach can make your content visible to customers near and far.


Companies tend to only implement the big three social media platforms, but the world doesn’t solely revolve around Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Lesser known platforms can pack a punch if used correctly. For better results and traffic via social media, you should look outside the big three and experiment with other platforms to better your business.