Friendly Advice for New Management

Making your way into a company as its new manager can be nerve-wracking. It’s a huge change for you as the incoming manager as well as the company’s employees; adjustments will have to be made for everyone involved, but rest assure that everyone is rooting for you to success. Keep your head up and do what you came to do! Here are a few tips that can help you adapt smoothly.

Introduce yourself

Obviously, you will be introduced to your new employees, but remember first impressions are crucial, especially when you’re meeting people who you’ll be working with for a long duration. Introduce yourself with a smile and let your new employees know you’re there to make a positive shift within the company. Don’t forget CONFIDENCE; It’s everything and you won’t get respect without it.


Put Yourself In Your New Employee’s Shoes

In order to gain an employee’s respect, a new manager must show respect first. Set time aside for one on one time with each employee and get to know a little about them as they get to know a little about you. Do they have kids? Are they in school? What are their hobbies? Asking these questions will give you a clue what your employees’ lives are like outside of work.


Build a positive relationship with your employees

Build a positive relationship with your employees goes hand in hand with putting yourself in the shoes of your employees, building a positive relationship with them is also important. There are do’s and don’ts when building relationships with employees. It’s great to get comfortable and personal, but there are definitely limits to how close you should be. Having company outings like happy hours or in-office yoga sessions are simple ways to create excitement in the office while also creating a positive relationship.


Don’t be taken advantage of

Nobody wants to be a pushover, you must remind yourself and your employees that you are the manager. Yes, put yourself in their shoes, build a relationship, but let them know there is a line that they can’t cross. Once one employee thinks it’s okay to take advantage of you, others will do the same and that’ll put you in a really tough position.


It’s never easy trying to fit into a new position; however, as time goes by you ’ll see things slowly begin to settle into the new normal. Think positive, be confident, and never let them see you sweat.