SnapChat Fading Fast?

SnapChat like every other social media platform faces the possibility of irrelevance; just ask the good people over at Myspace, they know a thing or two about being relevant one minute and irrelevant the next. According to leading analytic providers, social media celebrities, and talent managers, SnapChat’s reach is declining slowly but surely. Even if SnapChat isn’t your app of choice, you have to admit you’re going to miss that little ghost. As sad as this whole situation is, there is a silver-lining, other social media outlets can take notice of SnapChat’s blunders and try to avoid them. Here’s a list of SnapChat’s mistakes, make sure your platform is not committing any of these unforgivable faux pas.

Ads Overload

On May 15th SnapChat rolled out 6-second unskippable ads, to say they were unsuccessful was an understatement. To be fair no media site can stay afloat without some sort of ads but SnapChat users couldn’t be reasoned with, they took their tirade to Twitter. People were not complaining so much about the frequency or duration, it was the content. Many users thought the content was overly explicit and repetitive. SnapChat could have eased their audience into their new ads update by simply warning their users months before.

Unwanted Updates

Since we’re on the subject of updates, SnapChat has made it harder than ever to keep up with your friends in their latest switch up. The SnapChat team decided to merge the stories page with the conversation view window in what’s now called the Friends screen. For all of you who are unfamiliar with the app, the stories page would chronologically store your friend’s messages in a conversation tab; now that they’ve done away with the stories tab and replaced it with a discover tab, finding the friend you spoke to most recently is nearly impossible.

Filter Fiasco

SnapChat faced backlash when several social media influencers pointed out that some of SnapChat’s filter features are a little racist. The “pretty” filter tends to washout African American’s skin color. Critics are saying that by lightening the color of the skin and calling the filter pretty, it implies that lighter complexion is more attractive. SnapChat faced similar criticism for creating a “yellow-face filter” that changes the eyes and lips of users to that of an Asians’. The filter was seen as rude, offensive, and completely unacceptable. Although SnapChat issued an apology, people never really forget a company’s missteps.

Celebrity Complaints

A diss from social media queen Kylie Jenner cost SnapChat 1.3 billion dollars, you can understand how it’s pretty hard to bounce back from that. When Kylie deemed the app’s new update as a fail, many other influencers piled on. SnapChat never addressed her comment directly, but they made an unsuccessful attempt to do more changes on the app.

Can’t Compete with the Competition

When it comes down to it, everything you can do on SnapChat can be done on Instagram. When Instagram unveiled their new stories update the social sphere was jumping for joy. SnapChat may not have been able to anticipate Instagram’s update, but they did nothing in the months that followed to communicate to their audience that their story feature is different from or better than Instagrams.


Who would have thought SnapChat predicted their own downfall with their logo, a ghost is so fitting for a dying platform. If you recognize any of SnapChat’s mistakes in your own platform, now is the time to correct them before it’s too late.