Is E-Mail Marketing Still Effective For Businesses?

When was the last time you checked your email? If you’re like most people, checking your email is as much a part of your morning routine as scrolling through your news feed. Companies have relied on using email campaigns to distribute newsletters, ads, and promotions for years. While it’s safe to say we’re all checking our email, we can also admit that more often than not, we briefly skim the email’s subject line and quickly send it to trash. As more and more people delete emails before reading them, or simply marking them as read, the marketing tactics behind email blasts seem to have become ineffective and outdated. A few forward-thinking companies have noticed that their content isn’t reaching their audience and have thus adjusted their approach to email marketing. These companies are completely re-writing the rules for traditional email campaigns and have come up with innovative ideas to better entice their audience to not only skim their titles but click and open their content. Here are a few tips that your company can use to stay up to date with current email marketing strategies.


Targeted Content

Research is your brand’s best friend. Having the proper research is what allows companies to compile targeted content for each of their potential customers. Getting the right information in front of the right people is what will drive sales. Most email newsletters consist of a lot of information that customers may or may not be interested in, sending customers content that specifically meets their needs, has a better chance at success.



Many brands are practicing personalized email messaging. When we send emails to one another we use the person’s name, we ask them how they are, and then we get to the reason behind the email. People have grown familiar with that format of emailing and they’d prefer for companies to build some kind of rapport before hitting them with a sales email. When companies simply use a person’s name in their email newsletters and add a greeting there’s a better chance that people will be more inclined to open the email.


Catchy Subject Lines 

The majority of people read the subject line of their email and decide if it’s worth opening, companies have to get more creative if they hope for people to get pass the title and into the content. Some brands are opting to use catchy subject lines to spark the interest of their audience. When the subject line seems funny or witty to an audience, the audience can only assume that what’s inside it worth reading.


Despite the fact that the growing population seems to be ignoring their email blasts from companies, email newsletter sites like MailChimp and Get Response has seen a spike in companies signing up for their services. Turns out smart companies are learning and making the adjustments needed to stay relevant. E-mail marketing is still one of the most lucrative channels, but the problem is, most e-mails campaigns don’t think about audience’s behavior. Make sure your company implements these changes to ensure an effective email marketing campaign.