Drive More Traffic To Your Site: Business 101

The goal of any business is to drive more sales by acquiring new customers, the struggle is getting those new customers to the business’s website to complete a purchase. Driving more traffic to your company’s website is pretty much business 101; keep in mind, your website’s traffic doesn’t only generate sales, it also acts as an indicator by reaffirming the success or failure of your marketing strategy. Although there are many ways you can boost your website’s traffic, here are the top 5.


Start Blogging

Most people associate blogs with stay at home moms or rebel teens, but blogs have come a long way. Creating engaging brand-specific blog content can garner a lot of attention from prospective customers. Publishing a weekly or bi-weekly blog can help increase your web traffic simply by creating more opportunities for your site to show up in search engines. Unsuspecting users can find your website simply by accident, stay because they found an interesting blog, and ultimately buy a product because they been convinced due impart to the contents of the blog.


Email Marketing

Don’t be fooled, email marketing is not dead or dying, in-fact email marketing is thriving. While this marketing tactic is more traditional, it is evolving with the times and has remained relevant and effective. By providing useful information and links to your site, email marketing takes the work out of trying to attract new customers and simply reminds old customers to return. Although there are some pitfalls to email marketing, with research they can be avoided. An added plus for email marketing is that it’s the most cost-effective way of driving traffic to your site.


Technical Difficulties

Getting users to your site is a struggle in it of itself, but once they’re there you have to ensure that there are no technical difficulties. Talk with your programmer and make sure that they check to see if your site is running up to speed, that all your links are working, and that the user experience is easy to navigate. A failure on any of the previously mentioned points can stand in the way of customers staying on your site.


Get Social

Social media is proving itself to be a powerful tool; what took traditional advertising weeks to garner a response can take seconds when using social media. By using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to promote your content, you can extend your brand’s reach and get discovered by users searching for your specific product or services. Use hashtags and encourage your audience base to share your content with their friends.


On Page SEO

Most companies fail to pay attention to SEO. Every company should be thinking about how users will find their site, monitoring your SEO will give you a better idea of how you can improve different aspects of your site. Look to your SEO to see how well does your site rank on producing high-quality content that your audience is searching for, or if your meta descriptions could use some work,  or even if you need to start creating internal links to your new content. Optimizing your search content does not have to be complicated, but it definitely has to be done.


Driving more traffic to your site can seem like a heavy burden to bear, but by implementing a few changes here and there, you would be surprised just how much traffic you can bring to your site.