3 Alternatives If You Can’t Hire A Graphic Designer

Most small businesses can’t afford an in-house graphic designer in their first year. Creating content, whether it may be brochure, flyers, or social media post can be difficult without the help from a professional; luckily there are several resources that can give you the skills you need to become a pro in no time. Here are 3 sites that can give you a crash course in basic design principles and design programs.



Full disclosure, skill share offers an eclectic range of courses anything from brewing classes to language courses; but skill share’s forte is their medley of creative classes. You can learn any program, any from Photoshop to after effects and everything in between. If you’re trying to create something specific, there are classes that can give you a step by step guide on how to open up a text box and right down to print.



Where Skillshare is a bit more varying in range, Lynda is a little more skewed to advertising marketing and design. Lynda’s courses offer a more in-depth view of specific topics, for example, there are classes on isolating and releasing layers on Photoshop and using editable filters and effects on Adobe Premiere. The instructors on Lynda are really worth mentioning, not only do you get to learn about key principles of design, you get to learn about it from a really engaging source. Although skill share and Lynda are not free services, if you have a library card and live in Miami-Dade County Lynda’s fees are waved.



Unlike the other resources, Canva is not a learning service, Canva is a graphic design platform. Canva makes even the most unskilled amateur seem like a seasoned pro, with their clean fresh templates, anybody can create anything. Canva is not as complicated as the full range of Adobe programs, but you have just as much freedom to create something really original. Whether you’re making media graphics or Facebook banners, Canva is a lifesaver for small businesses. Upload your brand’s fonts, edit photos, or create gifs, Canva is there for anything your heart desires.


Graphic design can be difficult, but when given the right tools, anybody can create something beautiful. Whether you prefer to take classes to learn the traditional programs or tackle a more novel application, you can’t go wrong with any of these 3 website resources for graphic design help.