When life hands you permits, can you can still make lemonade?

Most of us fondly remember those blistering hot summer days of our childhood, afternoons filled with popsicles, swimming pools, and lemonade stands. What used to be a childhood past time is now landing kids in trouble with the law. Some kids have been busted for not having the proper permits to operate a lemonade stand. In some states, city officials have ticketed kids with fines range up to $500, the crackdown has discouraged many young entrepreneurs and their parents. Needless to say, the whole permit situation sparked national outrage, nobody could really believe the U.S have laws in place hindering kids from participating in activities that could only reap positive outcomes.

Here’s where Country Time Lemonade steps in, Country Time saw the permit problem and met it head-on. The popular lemonade brand launched “Legal-Ade” as the solution to local laws inhibiting lemonade stands. Legal-Ade is a fund that reimburses children and parents up to $300 in fines. The fund garnered a lot of attention on Twitter when the brand promised to pledge $1 for every re-tweet of their promotional video. The company made a powerful statement via Twitter that really calls into question the legitimacy of the archean laws that discouraged young entrepreneurship, they said: “Life doesn’t always give you lemons, but when it does, you should be able to make and share lemonade with the neighborhood without legal implications”. That statement amassed over 100,000 retweets and impressions; the notion that lemonade stands are an important part of childhood and should not be met with permits or police push back, really pulled on the heartstrings of Americans, young in body or spirit.

Lemonade stands are nostalgic and fun for children across the country but at the root of the activity is a child’s first glimpse at independence. Lemon-stands teach money management and planning. Many noteworthy CEOs credit their first lemonade stand as the activity that really sparked a passion for business; lemonade stands are the pastimes that really pay off in the long run. It seems like everyone has come to the consensus that permits shouldn’t stand in the way of a child’s initiative and certainly shouldn’t stand in the way of a good-ole cup of lemonade.