What can interactive campaigns do for your business?

What is interactive advertising you ask, it’s a great way for brands to directly engage their audience by creating outdoor campaigns that ask for user involvement. Interactive advertising is a fairly new strategy that companies are exploring, the goal is to create a more lasting connection with their consumers. Although many people don’t know interactive advertising by name, they have definitely seen an interactive ad. One of the better-known examples of an interactive ad was Reebok’s “Fast Enough” campaign. Reebok installed a speed cam and screen display in the middle of a town center, then they put put a sign that explained the rules, who ever ran past the display fast enough would win a pair shoes. The promise of free product is always a strong enough incentive for people to participate, but what made this campaign a success was all the attention and free advertising they acquired by simply creating a fun spectacle that in-turns advertises the product and the brand. If your company is not a big as Reebok, an interactive advertising campaign can still work for you. Here are 3 tips you should consider when creating an interactive campaign to boost your business.


Humor & Joy

Although there are exceptions, humor and joy should be at the forefront of creating an interactive ad. In order for a interactive ad to be successful, people have to want to participate, generally people participate in activities they think are funny or that makes them happy. Try to create a spectacle that’s rooted in fun.


Up Close & Personal

Interactive ads should feel personal, the brand  has an opportunity to create an activity that brings the brand and the consumer closer together. Engage the consumer by making them feel special, or make them feel as though their participation is necessary. In the Reebok example, the ad could have simply said “buy Reebok’s new shoes, built for speed” but that wouldn’t have made people want to buy it nearly as much as when they personally participated and associated the brand with its new product.


Memorable & Shareable

The goal of an interactive ad is to create something worth sharing. When people see and experience a well executed interactive ad they remember it and they feel the need to show others, as a brand creating these interactive campaigns has the potential to expand your reach and grow your bottom line.


What separates interactive ads from traditional advertising is the lasting impact they make on an unsuspecting audience. There is so much untapped potential in interactive advertising, many brands and businesses have yet to discover the power of creating engaging content using this strategy. If your brand is launching a product or a service consider creating an interactive ad, you now have all the tools and tips you need to make it a successful campaign.