6 Skills Marketing Recruiters Are Looking For?

It’s always difficult to gauge what exactly recruiters are looking for in the marketing field. The needs of marketing companies fluctuate and with it the requirements for potential employees. Although there are key resume staples that should always be listed, there are a few specific skills that will definitely catch the eye of recruiters. Here are a few universally “hot skills” or “buzz words” that will have you on any recruiter’s short list.


Consumer Behaviorist

In the marketing field, being able to identify and anticipate consumer behavior is a skill that’s in great demand. Recruiters want to see that you’ve had experience with consumer purchase patterns, decision making, and consumer emotional response.

Coding Languages

You don’t have to be fluent, but knowing some basic coding is a plus for a career in marketing. If your skill set includes HTML and CSS, then you’re pretty good to go.

UX Design

Designing for user experience has become one of the most sought-after skill sets in the last year. More and more companies are interested in creating an easy to navigate interface, which will in-turn bring new customers. Because UX design is so broad, this skill can be used in all facets of marketing and advertising field.

Content Marketing

Creating quality content is always at the forefront of the marketing. Great content keeps customers coming back and says a lot about the brand as a whole. Having prior experience creating brand content is pretty mandatory in the field.


Social Media Advertising

It’s the social media age, every company is trying to increase engagement by creating content via social platforms. Every recruitie have to know the inner workings of social media and how to measure it’s success.

Video Production

In this day and age, a good marketer wears many hats. As a potential employee, it’s important that you’ve dedicated time to learning the basic ins and outs of video production, just so that you can get a project off the ground without the assistant of a professional.


Building a resume to impress the right people does not have to be so difficult if you know what they’re looking for, use our skills list and resume pointers to get yourself that marketing job you’ve always wanted.