Graduate’s Guide to a Career in Advertising

So you’ve graduated now what. Many millennial are realizing that the years that follow graduation are daunting, you have this expensive degree but you’re not quite sure what to do with it, your parents and professors say you’ll go far but nothing seems to be working out. Fear not 20 something years old, before you’re knee deep in student loans payments you will find a job, just follow our graduate’s guide.


Step One

Advertising is one of those fields where it’s more about who you know than what you can do, so call your connections. One of the best things your college can give you aside from a degree, of course, is a full network of past graduates who have been in your shoes, use your resources to secure an interview. Talking to the right people will get you a job in no time, the sad truth is that people want to work with people who are like their friends, so pro tip, be friendly.


Step Two

Stand out, this goes for every career field, not just advertising. It’s important to remember, as a recent grad you just left a whole auditorium of your peers who are vying for the same position as you, what sets you apart is your differences. Embrace the things about you that makes you unique, ad agencies are¬†constantly looking for people who see thing from a fresh perspective, people who are different and have different life experiences.


Step Three

Be open to internships. A lot of people want a job right out of college, but unfortunately, it doesn’t happen for everybody; instead of wallowing in self-pity, use the time to hone your craft. In advertising, there is always something more to learn and someone to teach you, take advantage¬†of that. Some grads feel like internships are relegated to freshmen, or that it’s beneath them, but most of the top creative directors worked their way up the corporate ladder starting with an internship. Find an agency whose culture you admire and go for it, you’ll be rubbing elbows with the greats, or at very least you’ll catch them in the elevator and you can practice that elevator pitch, your college professor said was so important.


This list could go on forever, as even well-seasoned advertisers still find themselves in a bind looking for a job these days, but our three-step guide should get you off the ground. Remember there is very little you can’t accomplish with creativity, confidence, and a bit of direction. Congrats grads and welcome to real world.