How can millennial mentors benefit your business?

Many companies count millennials as a part of their target audience, when choosing an advisor for your company there is no better mentor than a millennial to help attract other millennials. Usually, businesses look for seasoned professionals that offer advice about what millennial like or how millennial think, but sometimes the best insight comes right from the source. Here are 3 ways you can boost your business using a millennial mentor.


Social media

If there is anything you can learn from your millennial advisor it’s social media. Millennials have cornered the market in the perfectly posed picture and ironic caption, a mentor can help build your content to make it more palatable for millennials, as well as point you in the direction of the right platform for your content. Some business executives would be surprised to hear that a simple change of photo filter can affect how a business’s content is received. Millennial have an eye for detail and can present a modern approach to content marketing for a digital landscape.



Another benefit of having a millennial mentor is their ability to anticipate trends. Every business relies on what’s current or what’s relevant to connect with their audience, having someone on your team that can not only identify trends but is a part of the preliminary buzz can give your business a leg up on the competition. Depending on the nature of your business, utilizing trends can contribute to a better SEO which in turn will drive more people to your site.


Fresh perspective

Arguably the best benefit of a millennial mentor is their fresh perspective. Millennials approach problems differently, sometimes the fact that millennials don’t have as much experience as Gen X-ers can really work to their advantage; fresh eyes approach problems differently. For example, as the magazine and newspaper industry continue to dwindle, many top editors have been employing millennials to address the problem. The editors realized that the generation that’s responsible for killing the industry may also be the right generation to fix. Millennials have tailored traditional content to modern technology to give the printing and publishing industry the support they needed to stay relevant.

Every business can benefit from a millennial mentor, they have a lot to offer any company that’s looking for a fresh perspective, trending content, or simply social media help. Sometimes the best way to get inside the head of your millennial audience is to have one of them join your team.