How can your business utilize Reddit for marketing?

For those in the know, Reddit deems itself as the front page of the internet, while the site is often overlooked by marketers, the platform is no joke, as it is currently the 8th most popular site in the world. So what is Reddit you ask? think of it as an open forum for anything and everything. Reddit has cunningly created a strong community of faithful followers. The site comes equipped with its own lingo and guidelines. Reddit is a diamond in the rough for unsuspecting companies looking to market their business on the site. Here are a few ways your business can utilize Reddit for marketing.


Organic Engagement

If you market your product on Reddit you can expect people to naturally find and engage with the brand. When a company finds customers that organically engage with the brand, they have a better chance of finding customers that are loyal. In other social media outlets, customers are bombarded with several different forms of ads which takes a toll on engagement due to over-saturation. because Reddit paid ads are yet to really catch on, most people just stumble-upon a company or a product and investigate from there.



Reddit Paid Ads

Reddit paid ads are great for event marketing, Reddit ads have a feature that enables companies to schedule reminders of dates and times of upcoming event, Reddit also allows a company to add direct links to their site. Big companies like Coca-Cola and Red Bull utilize this feature to remind users of pop-up events, music festivals, and giveaways.



Honest Feedback

What separates Reddit from other social media platforms are the users that practice no holds barred honesty. Reddit users value transparency and offer frank criticisms that can help a businesses nail down exactly what’s not working. Many companies pay thousands of dollars for a business advisor help or spend countless hours putting together focus groups to tell them the same thing Reddit users will tell them for free. The downside of the open forum atmosphere is that it can trigger mob mentality; if users view your product or company as disingenuous, constructive criticism can turn into a roast session quickly.


There is no better time to jump on the Reddit bandwaggon, the site is only continuing to grow in popularity. The benefits of the site has been one of the best-kept secrets in marketing and advertising, but you now have a leg up on the competition, join the masses on the front page of the internet.