Ad Terms and Marketing Lingo You Need to Know

So, you can walk the walk but can you talk the talk? In the marketing and advertising sphere, you’d be surprised to know the business comes with its own terminology. Before entering an ad agency it’s best to get yourself up to date with the field’s vernacular. Here are 5 advertising and marketing terms that you should add to your vocabulary.

Bot – you can use your context clues for this term, bot is not too distant from robot. A bot refers to a software application that runs automated tasks. Most people are familiar with chatbots, which are computer-generated response windows that are sweeping the ad world. Chatbots are one of many types of bots that have several different functionalities.

DOOH – no that’s not a typo it’s an acronym. DOOH stands for digital out of home advertising, which are ads that are marketed to consumers on the go. Even if you don’t know DOOH by name, you’ve definitely seen an ad on your commute to work or in the waiting room at your doctor’s office.

Geotargeting – is a marketing strategy that shows ads to consumers based on their mobile device location. GPS coordinates collected by a particular site or service makes it easier for a marketer to target local clientele. Imagine if you got an ad to go to a store halfway across town, you would be less likely to attend. With the capability of geotargeting, people are more inclined to stop by a business since they’re in the area.

Message Recall -you’ll probably hear this more frequently around the office. Message recall refers to how well a consumer can remember a brand or its message after they have seen it. A successful message recall happens when a brand or product is long gone but people still remember the jingle or the tagline.

UX – UX is the semi-new term for user experience. A lot of ad agencies have hired people solely based on their ability to curate a better user experience for their clients. UX design makes it easier for a customer to navigate a site, the goal is to get the customer to make a purchase by steering them to the right page as efficiently as possible.

The world of advertising and marketing is constantly changing, therefore, new terms are always being created and circulated. Depending on your position in your agency the terms may be more niche, but these 5 terms are widely used and accepted in the marketing and advertising arena. The more time you spend in an agency, the more these terms will come naturally, sooner or later you’ll be talking like an ad native.