Why do brands love mommy bloggers?

Mommy blogging is word of mouth on steroids and big brands are taking notice.The oldest and arguably the best method of marketing has always been word of mouth, the success of mommy blogs hinge on honest WOM recommendations of products, goods, or services. Mommy bloggers have cultivated a community of other mothers who faithfully purchase and support brands that are championed by the mommy bloggers turn influencers. Here are a few reasons why mommy bloggers are beloved by babies, brands, and businesses.


Reaching the right people

It’s been said that good marketing isn’t about reaching the most people, it’s about reaching the right ones; mommy bloggers review products that are generally targeted for mothers and families. Well established mommy bloggers have an estimated monthly audience of 20,000 or more views, of those views 95% are mothers or caregivers; broader marketing strategies rarely achieve that kind of audience success rate.



The most attractive quality of mommy bloggers is their authenticity, big brands recognize you can’t buy bona-fide recommendations from just anybody. Mommy bloggers build up credibility between themselves and their audience and as a result, their influence is welcomed and trusted. Brands have leveraged the influence of mommy bloggers by asking moms to contribute to the brand’s blog or social media content.


Cost Effective

When it comes down to it, dollars and cents matter and brands spend less dollars negotiating deals with mommy bloggers. Usually, less established mommy bloggers offer their reviews free of charge in exchange for brands issuing them their product. When you factor in traditional forms of advertising and marketing, brands are saving far more than a pretty penny going the route of influencers.



Another bonus for brands is that mommy bloggers have the time and patience to engage meaningfully with their audience. Big brands may not have the money or manpower to constantly engage in the fast-paced environment of social media. Mommy bloggers can reach out to their followers instantly without having to consult higher ups or adhere to corporate rules.


Consumers trust mommy bloggers and brands are catching on. There’s a huge opportunity for companies to utilize these influencers as advertisers and promoters of their products. At some point, the industry will drop the “mommy bloggers” title and call these women what they really are, entrepreneurs and the future of the marketing world.