3 best mobile apps to run your small business

Technology is changing the face of businesses, entrepreneurs now have all the tools they need to make their companies run smoothly in the palm of their hands. Mobile applications allow small business owners to automate tasks, stay organized, and streamline their practices. Here are a few apps that should be on every entrepreneurs  phone, tablet, and laptop.



MailChimp is a software that gives business owners the ability to create and manage mailing lists, newsletters, automated campaigns and more. Email marketing is the most affordable and arguably the most effective marketing strategy, Mailchimp makes designing and distributing email blasts a lot easier for any small business.



Shoeboxed is a one stop shop, you can now archive your company’s receipts, manage your tax preparation, order business cards, and ultimately cut down on your paper clutter. Undoubtedly the best part about Shoeboxed is their “magic envelopes” service, many business owners could only dream of sending an envelope full of their expenses and have them itemized and archived, with Shoeboxed that dream is reality.



Skillshare is an online learning community designed for anybody with a thirst to learn real-world skills. These skills are discovered and learned through the aid of project-based classes. There are always obstacles in the day to day of the average entrepreneur, with Skillshare every obstacle is a learning curve away from a solution.



For all the business owners that spend more money on post its than they do on rent, Todosit should definitely be your go to app. Todosit takes task management to the next level; their software can be used for small teams, individuals, and professionals to manage anything from a shopping list to major new launches at work.



Every business owner knows a thing or two about delegating and outsourcing, Upwork connects freelancers with businesses who can benefit from their expertise. The platform has over 12 million registered freelancers and more than 5 million registered clients. Upwork provides a convenient and easily-accessible platform to contract workers.


These apps can provide an immense amount of value for any business. Entrepreneurs will definitely find themselves saving time and money when using these applications.