Upset Customers? Here’s How to Tackle Complaints

Managing difficult customers and their complaints are an important part of running a business. Being able to calmly and professionally work through a problem and find a solution is the marker of a good business owner. Anyone in business can tell you, you can’t please everyone but if you know the words to say and most importantly, how to say them, there’s a chance that you can salvage a potential relationship with your customer and add a level of credibility to your business. Here’s a three step guide that will help you better tackle customer complaints.

Don’t lose your cool

It’s human nature to react defensively to criticism but as a business owner it’s your job to be calm, cool, and collected when faced with a problem.  Customers are looking to be heard, when you lose your cool, the focus shifts to you and not to the issue at hand. If you find yourself reacting negatively in a tense situation, it’s best to remove yourself from the situation before you say something that may be crippling to your company’s reputation.

Listen up!

Take the  time to genuinely listen to your customer’s complaints. Customers need to know  that you care and are willing to let them speak without interruption, ultimately they want someone to wholeheartedly  listening to their concerns or problems and do something constructive to solve it.

Offer a solution

Dissatisfied customers want solutions. After a customer has an opportunity to vent, the next step is to resolve the problem amicably. If the customer still seems dissatisfied, asking them if they have a better solution in mind is advised. Ask your customer what can you do to make them happy, if it’s possible do what you can to satisfy your customer, if you can’t do exactly what your customer wants try to come to a compromise.

Dealing with difficult customers can take a toll on business owners but by following our three suggestions any business owner can navigate customer complaints.